Applications Engineer Randy Lenz hopped on the S. G. Torrice Tech Talk Podcast to explain the proper installation and maintenance practices for Anden dehumidifiers.

Randy compares and contrasts the installation process of a grow room dehumidifier with that of a commercial or residential dehumidifier. With a grow room, Randy says placement is of utmost importance.

Before any install, the Anden team will analyze the grow room to determine the best location for the dehumidifiers, including if the product needs to be hung or ducted.

Randy said the team always avoids installing a dehumidifier near the inlet of a grow room’s air conditioner, which can leave both systems inoperable.

For maintenance, all growers need to do is replace the filter in their dehumidifier and clean the drain with a drain cleaning solution. Randy recommends that any time you change out the filter, you pour a drain cleaning solution down the coil and into the trap.

Each Anden dehumidifier also comes equipped with a 5-year warranty.

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