Anden-Model-5660-Hanging Kit

Hanging Kit for A130

Anden 5691 Hanging Kit for Industrial Dehumidifiers

The model 5691 hanging kits is designed for use with Anden Industrial Dehumidifiers A130 with a total safe working load of up to 400 pounds. The rugged suspension bars are created from 14 gauge zinc plated steel. 

Included in kit:

  • 10-foot cables with cripple clamps and 3.5 inch bolts.
  • 1/4-inch thick neoprene pads for vibration insulation
  • 8 flat washers
  • 8 hex nuts
  • Gripple key (for installation)

27" - Width
10.5"- Inside Rail Width
13.5" - Outside Rail Width
35" - Length

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