Born out of a love and passion for cannabis, WildFire’s team is dedicated to creating clean, safe, and premium recreational marijuana products. During the cultivation process, they meld their passion with modern science by using premium genetics and carefully selected phenotypes to create artisanal products with locally sourced ingredients.

WildFire Teams up With Anden

WildFire owners Jesse and Pepper opened up a cultivation facility two years ago in Waterville, Maine. Despite some early hiccups with other humidification systems, the WildFire team has found their perfect match with Anden clean steam humidifiers. Since installing Anden humidification units, WildFire has experienced unforseen growth.

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“Our growth rates have been absolutely insane,” said Pepper. “They’re literally growing like weeds. We are hitting numbers we didn’t even know we could hit. We are hitting over an inch a day with growth.”

According to Jesse, the cultivation facility features around 60 different varieties and Anden’s steam humidifiers are allowing the plants to grow as the breeders intended.

The user-friendly setup has made the facility as stress free as possible for both the plants and the people.

“User-friendly is an understatement,” said Jesse.

Pepper added, “We set the setpoint several months ago and we have not had to change it once. It really is a set it and forget it [with Anden].”

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