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Grow-Optimized Dehumidifier with VLGR Technology

Anden A710V1 Dehumidifier – Removes 710 Pints Per Day

The Anden A710V1 Dehumidifier is designed for cultivation from the ground up. It utilizes innovative Variable-Speed, Low Grain Refrigerant Technology (VLGR patented) to deliver maximum performance and efficiency throughout the grow cycle. That means you can maximize your moisture removal capacity and maintain tight control over Vapor Pressure Deficit during late flower cultivation by modulating the refrigeration system to match the load.

Let’s take a closer look at VLGR Technology. This sophisticated system modulates the speed of dehumidification based on the precise load conditions of your grow environment, allowing for robust VPD performance across all grow conditions. The variable speed refrigeration system keeps your dehumidifiers running during the challenging late flower stage where single-speed dehumidifiers require frequent defrost cycles. This increases capacity, efficiency, and most importantly, the stability of your grow environment.

The A710V1 is the best investment across all grow conditions compared to any dehumidifier available, removing 710 pints of moisture per day at 80°F/60% RH. VLGR technology allows the unit to safely operate on a 30-amp breaker, while competitive options top out at 500 pints before requiring a 50-amp breaker, which will dramatically increase installation costs.

Installing the A710V1 is simple, and the combination of the on-board digital interface with remote monitoring and control keeps you in the driver’s seat for ensuring plant health and maximizing yields. Check below for the full list of industrial specs and grow-optimized features that will set your operation apart.


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Anden advanced features:

  • 710 Pints/day – The most water removal for your investment
  • VLGR Technology – Delivers energy efficiency and allows for the smoothest environmental control over your grow
  • Maximize VPD – The Anden A710V1 dehumidifer is optimized for grow, giving you the power to maximize VPD across all grow conditions, including during the crucial late flower stage
  • Runs on 30-Amp Breaker – The only dehumidifier on the market with a capacity of 500+ pints that can operate on a standard 30-amp breaker
  • 1760 CFM @ 0.0” – Powerful circulation helps remove moisture from the air efficiently
  • Energy Efficient – Removes up to 3 liters per kilowatt hour, helping minimize operational costs
  • Easy Filters – The self-sealing, MERV 11 air filter protects the unit’s vital components, plus it’s easy to replace
  • Flexible Installation – The pre-installed electrical plug is simple to remove for hard-wired applications. Plus, options for suspended, freestanding, or ducted installation
  • Safety Checks – Terminals on the dehumidifier make it easy to install a float switch to protect against overflows
  • Digital Interface – On-board monitoring enables precise settings and simple diagnostics
  • Remote Control – The included Model A77 remote control measures relative humidity at canopy height for optimum control of your grow environment (upgrade options available), and relays diagnostics from the dehumidifier
  • Built to Last – Dependability is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on this product.

Technology Showcase

Variable-Speed, Low Grain Refrigerant Technology (VLGR)

Innovative. Sophisticated. Designed For Grow.

The Anden A710V1 is the industry’s first dehumidifier with Variable-Speed, Low Grain Refrigerant Technology. Why does that matter? Simply put, it’s the best dehumidifier investment you can make.

The A710V1 delivers the greatest moisture removal per dollar spent compared to any unit available today. The difference is in the variable speed refrigeration system, which ensures efficient moisture removal across all grow conditions. And it works on existing 30-amp breakers for fast, low-cost installation.

Read below for more details on the benefits of Anden’s VLGR Technology.

Maximize VPD Across Grow Conditions

Tight control over Vapor Pressure Deficit gives you the ability to directly influence the profitability of your operation as VPD impacts both yields and crop quality. The Anden A710V1 dehumidifier unlocks the ability to control terpene production, enhance color profiles, and increase THC levels.

Late Flower Performance

The late flower stage of the grow process is challenging for single-speed dehumidification systems as the dew point approaches freezing temperatures. They can’t modulate their power and quickly overcool the coil, causing temperatures below 32°F that require the unit to go through a defrost cycle. VLGR technology allows the A710V1 dehumidifier to back off the compressor, matching the low load conditions of the late flower stage so it can remove moisture longer–up to 4-5 times longer than single-speed units. This dramatically improves capacity, efficiency, and most importantly, the stability of your grow room.

Amplify Your Amps

With a smart design built specifically for grow operations like yours, the Anden A710V1 removes 40% or more moisture than other units that can be installed on a 30-amp breaker. To match this level of moisture removal other units require a 50-amp breaker with expensive 6-gauge wire, which is typically twice the cost of the 10-gauge wire used in a 30-amp breaker. The combination of capacity (710 PPD) and installation on a 30-amp circuit means you’re making the most of and achieving efficient use of your available amps with the A710V1.

The Anden Impact

Anden dehumidifiers put you in control of your grow environment. With the Anden A710V1 Dehumidifier, you’re working with the latest technology to ensure maximum moisture removal and optimal VPD control. This grow-optimized dehumidifier is designed to maximize your crop’s potential and profitability.



Wall-mounted control.

Dedicated monitoring and control of each dehumidifier at canopy height.


Cultivation rooms come in all shapes and sizes. This Anden A710V1 Dehumidifier gives you flexible installation options to ensure maximum effectiveness resulting in optimized conditions.

SUSPENDED – Installs above the lights to save space without blocking light energy

    • Includes brackets for suspending unit from ceiling
    • Pulls in air, dehumidifies, and returns it to the space
    • Easily captures condensate from each unit to a central location

FREESTANDING – Operates within the cultivation room

  • Humid air is pulled into the dehumidifier
  • Air is dehumidified and returned to the space
  • Ideal for grows where suspended units aren’t possible
  • Includes adjustable feet for level installation on horizontal surfaces

INLET AND OUTLET DUCTED – Flexible installation

  • Located in a separate room, connected by air ducts to the cultivation room
  • Can be suspended or installed on ground level
  • Ducting allows you to separate the unit from the grow environment, saving space and increasing ease of access