Investing money in quality equipment is important – but at the end of the day, the equipment in your facility is only as good as its installation. With a small investment in time and consideration, a facility can profoundly increase its productivity.

Follow these steps to ensure success with equipment installation:

1. Read in the Instructions! Reading through the installation instructions is important! Each of the dehumidifiers includes a quick start guide that points out the important aspects of equipment installation for your specific unit.

2. Consider Placement. The placement of your equipment and the relationship between the different components of a grow room needs to be taken into consideration. Air conditioning, humidification, lighting, CO2, circulation, fertigation, and dehumidification systems all interact with each other. Proper placement of these systems is necessary for successful cultivation.

3. Use a Pro Electrician. Employing a certified electrician to provide a stable, safe service to the facility is a step often overlooked. Attempting to save money in this area leads to mechanical failures, is shortsighted, and dangerous.

4. Triple Check Ceiling Installation Safety. Ceiling installations maximize floor space, and in turn allow for the largest canopy. When a ceiling installation is used, units are secured using ¼” or ½” threaded rod. PLEASE – take care to secure the units using the provided safety nuts and pay close attention to the leveling of the dehumidifiers. Make sure to level front to back and side to side. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

5. Choose optimal controls. There are multiple options for control of Anden dehumidifiers. For instance, onboard and remote controls are included for each model. The remote controls allow for sensing at canopy height and have convenient set-point adjustments for ceiling-mounted units. They also contain diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.

These are just a few of the important considerations when installing dehumidification in your facility – contact us to discuss your specific needs and facility.