Based out of Southeast Michigan, Glacier Cannabis provides joy and relief through clean, high-quality cannabis products. Glacier serves a diverse clientele throughout the state of Michigan and helps them treat a variety of conditions, including depression, body aches, stress, and insomnia.

Named after the glaciers that used to cover Michigan thousands of years ago and the mineral-dense glacial rock dust in the area, Glacier utilizes a three-pronged approach combining genetics, technology, and care to grow every flower to its fullest capability. 

Working alongside cannabis breeders, Glacier grows award-winning strains in their state-of-the-art facility from seed to shelf ensuring maximum quality and output.

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“Every piece of equipment we work with at Glacier we’ve tested—we’ve proven that it works. Anden is what we use because it gets the results we need,” said Glacier Cannabis President, Andrew Sereno.

Glacier Cannabis’s careful attention to detail and meticulous planning processes have driven their success—integrating Anden humidity control has only added to this. Since then, the two have formed a resolute partnership.

“It’s pretty incredible the level of attention that Anden has given us. I know that they want us to be successful. It’s been a really great relationship overall,” said Sereno. 

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