For novice growers, it might be easy to dismiss proper humidity levels. This is a key element in the cultivation process. However, humidity is a fickle beast. It has thwarted even the most skilled of cannabis growers in indoor grow rooms across the country.

The cannabis plant is highly sensitive to humidity swings, which can be pretty damaging to a grower’s yield. That’s where Anden steps in, helping cultivation businesses grow more efficiently with superior products that are made specifically for their growing needs.

Ideal Humidity Changes for Each Cannabis Growth State

Ideal indoor relative humidity levels can range from 70% in the seedling stage to as low as 30% during the flowering stages. That’s why it’s important to deliver a wide range of indoor humidity throughout the growing process. This requires easy control over your grow room’s humidity levels.

Seedlings and Clones | Ideal levels: 70-80%
Seedlings and clones like high humidity levels due to the fact that the root is not yet established. The high humidity levels allow moisture to be absorbed through the leaves.

Vegetative | Ideal levels: 40-70%
During the vegetative phase, humidity levels can be lowered by 5% each week as the plant begins to take root. The roots will take on more moisture over time. This water will evaporate through the leaves during this time to help cool off the plant, which adds more humidity to the air naturally.

Flowering | Ideal levels 40-50%
It’s important to lower the humidity levels to 40-50% during this phase. Any humidity level over 60% could potentially damage the plant, which is relying on moisture from the soil to nourish itself.

Final Weeks of Flowering | Less than 40%
One to two weeks before harvesting the cannabis, aim for humidity levels below 40%. This can ultimately help improve the yield, flavor and appearance of the plant.

Anden dehumidifiers are the only dehumidifiers in this space that are built specifically to achieve the cooler, drier grow room conditions that simulate fall, which are ideal during flowering stages.

An Organic Approach to Cannabis Cultivation

Every cultivator is growing cannabis within specific environmental conditions – temperature and humidity – designed to create specific strains. Unfortunately, when inefficient environmental solutions cause mold and funguses to creep in, they can destroy your crops.

There are only two ways to really eliminate these harmful elements from your grow room:

  1. You can use chemicals, which can affect the quality and potency of your yield
  2. You can go the organic route by creating a balanced environment for your crop to thrive in

By maintaining a balanced, organic environment for your cannabis to grow in, you prevent water in its physical form from accumulating on your plant leaves. The longer moisture lingers on your crop, the more potential there is for damaging mold or fungus to spread to the rest of your yield.

In fact, 97% of the water dispensed to cannabis plants ends up in the air. This means that nearly every gallon of water added to your plants is one that needs to be removed from the air to maintain balanced levels that will prevent plant mold and diseases.

97% of the water dispensed to cannabis plants ends up in the air

How to Maintain a Balanced Environment

Balancing an environment is more than simply making sure your temperature and your humidity are right. You have to give yourself the greatest possible environment you can to promote growth while saving energy and, ultimately, money.

For example, if you hypothetically aim for an environment that’s 75° and 50% humidity, it’ll be impossible to hold that exact temperature and humidity level for an extended period of time. This is due to humidity swings, lighting temperatures, and breathing plants.

Instead, what you want to do is remain as close to possible to those environmental benchmarks in order to maintain a balanced environment.

To do that, you’ll want to run your air conditioner to cool the room and remove moisture from the air. The only problem with this is the cost associated with running an air conditioner non-stop.

When the air conditioner has to spend more time removing water from the room before it can start removing the heat from the room, it operates really inefficiently. As a result, every second it runs longer than it needs to is extra money spent on energy.

We set up Anden dehumidifiers in a way that – when used symbiotically with your air conditioning system – maximizes air quality. Your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard to remove moisture and can simply cool your grow room.

Even though you’re running two appliances instead of one, what you’re getting is less total energy usage. With the proper controls, those two systems can work together to ensure a more balanced growing environment. This should lead to increased profits.

Know more. Grow more.

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