For A710V1 & A710V3 Dehumidifiers

Anden 5940 Remote Mount Kit for AS150 Steam Humidifier

The Anden AS150 High-Capacity Steam Humidifier with Vapor-logic is designed for maximum growth and to deliver tight humidity control to any facility. The Model 5940 Remote Mount Kit is for applications of the Model AS150 where the fan pack must be remotely mounted instead of directly on top of the humidifier.

The Anden 5940 remote mount kit includes a steam hose, condensate tubing, and clamps.

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Anden Features:

  • INCLUDES: 6 feet of 1½-inch steam hose, 13 feet of ¼-inch condensate tubing, 1 1½-inch hose clamp, and 1 ½-inch hose clamp for Anden Steam Humidifier Model: AS150