Which Anden dehumidifier do I need for my space? How many do I need?

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What are the amps, volts, watts, and BTUs of my Anden dehumidifier?


I need a replacement filter. Where can I purchase?

Visit our Where to Buy locator where you can filter by Hydroponic Distributor, Hydroponic Retailer, HVAC Distributor, and HVAC Contractor. You can then search by city, state, or zip code to find a location nearest you.

How do I wire my Anden dehumidifier to a Trolmaster control?

How to connect Trolmaster HS-1 to a single Anden dehumidifier

How to connect Trolmaster DSD-1 to a single Anden dehumidifier

How to daisy chain a group of Anden dehumidifiers together using Trolmaster HS-1

How to daisy chain a group of Anden dehumidifiers together using Trolmaster DSD-1

Note: Whether you’re doing a single unit or daisy chaining multiple units, when connecting to an external control, all of the user interfaces need to be set to external mode.

Follow the steps below to get to External Mode. There’s also a visual of the steps below the written instructions.

  1. Plug unit in and turn power switch to ON.
  2. The on-board control screen should display OFF. (Please note: The first button press will only turn on the backlight.)
  3. Hold the MODE button on the on-board control for 3-5 seconds to enter the installer Set-up Menu. Once in, keep pressing mode until you reach External.
  4. Press the UP or DOWN button to change to ENABLED.
  5. Press MODE repeatedly until DONE shows on screen.
  6. Press ON/OFF to turn ON.
Visual to get unit into External Mode.

How often should I change the filter in my Anden dehumidifier?

Anden dehumidifier filters should be replaced every 12 weeks or at the end of a harvest.

Find more information about the replacement filter for your unit on our Replacement Parts page.

Filters are placed on the front or the side of the unit for easy access and replacement.

How do I change the filter in my Anden dehumidifier?

  1. Turn retainer filter tabs away from the filter or remove filter door.
  2. Pull the old filter away from the unit, then out through the access opening.
  3. Install the new filter in the same direction.
  4. Turn filter retainer tabs over the filter or reinstall filter door.

For other regular maintenance, we also recommend cleaning your drain line. Clean with a diluted bleach solution or vinegar and water solution between grow cycles and rinse thoroughly.

Can I use RO or reclaimed water for my Anden steam humidifier?

No, do not use RO or reclaimed water. The advantage of our electrode steam humidifiers is that they use straight tap water (no RO) because they need minerals in the water to create clean, sterile, mineral-free steam. The electrodes will eventually build up with minerals and the canister will need to be replaced. You never want to use a humidifier that puts minerals in the air that would leave white dust on your plants. So you need Anden steam humidifiers to deliver mineral-free steam using straight tap water.

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