Anden Industrial Dehumidifier Model A70

Industrial Dehumidifier


For hobbyists or micro grow operations, the Anden Model A70 is the perfect solution. Small, efficient and reliable, the A70 removes an impressive 70 pints per day of moisture from the air. Your crop’s quality is essential and the A70 was designed with healthy crops in mind. Trust the professional brand with solutions built specifically for indoor growing environments.

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Anden advanced features:


  • High-capacity, low energy
  • Digital user interface (front mount only)
  • Crop-level external control and sensor options
  • 5-year warranty on all parts including the refrigeration system
  • Ducted, suspended, and freestanding applications
  • Drain connection
  • MERV 11 disposable filter
  • Programmable for dehumidification and air circulation
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum coils
  • 8 ft. power cord (grounded plug)

Whether you are starting seedlings, rooting cuttings or drying, humidity control is critical. Humidity rising above 60% can lead to molds, mildews, and other unwanted biological growth. High humidity can also prevent plants from properly taking in CO2, preventing efficient photosynthesis. Anden helps create an environment that drives transpiration at an optimal rate, while helping prevent disease outbreaks.



Dedicated monitoring and control of each dehumidifier at canopy height.


Anden-8840-Control Screen -Thermostat

MODEL 8840

Easy-to-use color touch screen with all control options on the home screen.


MODEL 8830

Easy-to-use touch screen with all control options on the home screen.


MODEL 8820

Easy-to-use touch screen designed for temperature and humidity control.

Anden-Model-8082-Relative Humidity-Sensor

MODEL 8082 Sensor

Monitor temperature and humidity in multiple locations. Readings averaged to balance temperature and humidity.