Dehumidifier placement is crucial to the efficient performance of your grow space.

It’s all about creating predictable conditions, which are achieved by being intentional and specific about the placement and capabilities of your equipment.

Whether one unit is getting the job done, or you’re up to 15 dehumidifiers and counting, take these tips into account so you can maximize predictability, efficiency, and growth.

Even Distribution

When deciding on dehumidifier placement, you need to balance two areas: efficiency and redundancy. Efficiency is critical for creating those predictable, consistent conditions, and for getting the most out of your grow without wasting energy. Yet you want to build in some redundancy, too. If one unit goes down, the other units close to it should be able to handle the increased demand without impacting crop health.

To balance those aspects, focus on evenly distributing dehumidifiers throughout your space. This optimizes both humidity control and airflow. And don’t forget, always have more moisture removal capability than your current crop needs. It’ll come in handy if a unit ever needs repairs.

You should also consider the accessibility of the units after installation. You’ll want to check on them occasionally to ensure proper drainage, so make sure it’s not a pain to get to them.

Maximize Airflow

Another aspect to consider with dehumidifier placement is air movement. It’s critical to the health of your plants because it mixes air evenly to prevent hot and cold spots, and spikes in humidity. Anden’s industrial units can move up to 830 cubic feet per minute, and they work best when the intake filter is facing the center of the room. You’ll definitely want to avoid facing the filter tight to a wall or other areas that might restrict airflow.

Remote Control

Depending on your setup, it might not always be easy to get to the dehumidifier. You’re going to want remote capabilities. Whether you’re setting the levels you need, or checking on diagnostic information, a remote setup that’s reliable and easy to understand will be your best friend.

Placement Options

Cultivation rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to have multiple options when installing your dehumidifier. Anden dehumidifiers can be installed in the following ways:

1. Suspended – This option will save space in your grow room. Anden units come with all the brackets you need for installation, and you can position the dehumidifier for optimal moisture removal throughout your grow space.

2. Freestanding – When you’ve got room to spare, or maybe a suspended option isn’t possible. This operates within the grow space at ground level, so it’s easy to check on and make tweaks to.

3. Ducted – Perfect for rooms with limited space. The dehumidifier is set up in a separate room and ducted into your grow space.

A Helping Hand with Installation

At Anden, we pride ourselves on making our dehumidifiers easy to install. But if you do need assistance with the placement or any other aspects of installation, we’ve got you covered.

“Giving that support is really what matters to a cultivator,” said Mike Bush, Director of Sales and Distribution at Anden. “Cultivation goes on 24/7, 365, so our customers expect that kind of support from us.”

The Anden support line is available any time of day. Just call 1-800-972-3710.