When it comes to growing, air movement is a must. That’s why you’ll see lots of big, powerful fans inside most grow rooms. They help mix the air to avoid hot spots, cold spots, humidity ranges, and other inconsistencies. “Cubic Feet per Minute” (CFM) tells you how much air a piece of equipment can move.

Industrial Dehumidifiers
Airflow is also critical for humidity control, because a dehumidifier can only remove moisture from the air that passes through it. So the size and efficiency of a dehumidifier’s fan can determine how well it operates in your grow room.

Anden dehumidifiers are built with ECM motors, which allow the unit to adjust fan speeds to maintain the preset CFM. This can save on energy costs, and deliver superior performance over time. Plus, it can make up the difference when other factors change.

“It’ll always adjust itself to run at that CFM,” said Randy Lenz, Senior Applications Engineer for Anden. “If you add ductwork to it, if your filter starts to clog up–it’s designed to speed up when it needs to maintain its preset CFM.”

Anden’s Industrial CFM
Look no further when searching for industrial-strength air movement from a dehumidifier.

Anden units are designed to meet the needs for grow rooms of all sizes. Here are the cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacities of our two primary dehumidifier options:

Anden A210V1
– Removes 210 pints of moisture per day
– CFM: 525
Anden A320V1
– Removes 320 pints of moisture per day
– CFM: 830

Both units can move a lot of air. More importantly, the CFMs are designed to match the amount of moisture they can remove to ensure optimal performance.

“If you move too much air through a dehumidifier too quickly, you won’t pull out moisture,” said Randy. “However, if you move too little, your space will be vulnerable from the lack of moisture removal.”

Ducting Your Dehumidifier
Tight on space in your grow room? Tired of putting your plants at risk while making adjustments to a suspended unit?

With Anden dehumidifiers, the powerful ECM motor gives you the ability to add some ductwork and mount your unit outside of the grow space. This frees up much-needed room, makes maintenance and repairs easier, and keeps you running at peak efficiency.