We talk a lot about humidity here at Anden. There’s a reason for that. Achieving the right balance of humidity and temperature is critical for both your grow production and profitability.

That’s why we keep our R&D pipeline full with innovative products that will help our customers maximize their yield and optimize plant health. It’s also why we’re proud to announce our newest product introduction, the AS150.

The Anden AS150 High-Capacity Steam Humidifier with Vapor-logic delivers industry-leading commercial capacity steam humidification to your grow room. It’s capable of adding up to 1,200 pints – that’s 150 gallons – of moisture per day distributed evenly throughout your space. The Anden AS150 constantly monitors humidity to give your plants maximum moisture and give you greater control over VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) during each stage of the growing cycle. Check out this article for a deeper dive on VPD.

The Top 5 Benefits of the AS150


The built-in fan pack can be mounted directly on top of the humidifier or above the humidifier at canopy height, allowing for ductless installation


Electrode technology creates a pure steam vapor, eliminating the possibility for the spread of mineral deposits.

Easy to Maintain

The electrode heating system removes the need for cleaning. When needed, you simply replace the steam canisters.


The AS150 is covered by a 5-year warranty on all parts, so you can buy – and grow – with confidence.


With built-in digital controls, remote monitoring, water level sensors, and backup flow protection, the AS150 delivers high-capacity, reliable humidity you can trust.

Vapor-logic Control

Your AS150 unit comes complete with a Vapor-logic controller, which sets the standard for humidity control capabilities in your grow space. The web-based interface monitors the conditions of the environment and the performance of your unit with easy-to-use menus for all the humidifier’s functions.

The Anden Impact

With a 1,200-pint/150-gallon capacity, the AS150 is Anden’s largest capacity humidifier. We saw the need that growers and cultivators had for commercial steam humidification and developed the AS150 to meet their growing requirements. As with all Anden grow-optimized products, the AS150 has been designed from the ground up with your plants in mind.

See all the AS150 features here.

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