East Coast Regional Manager Victoria Aceves hopped on the S. G. Torrice Talk Podcast to introduce the Anden dehumidifier and humidifier line.

“Our products are built for grow,” Victoria said.

Anden’s dehumidifier line ranges in size from 70 to 710 pints per day.

To learn more about the Anden A710 High-Capacity, Grow-Optimized Dehumidifier with VLGR Technology, check out this podcast.

Each dehumidifier can be hung or ducted depending on the grow room, comes with a digital user interface, and is covered with a 5-year warranty.

The Anden humidifier line delivers 277 to 1200 pints per day of pure, clean steam to achieve ideal conditions with additional sizes to come. Anden steam humidifiers run on tap water instead of filtered water helping reduce installation and maintenance costs.

But Anden’s commitment to the grower does not end after installation.

Victoria adds that Anden wants to help customers over the lifetime of the product from sale to installation to service and maintenance. Our dedication to customer service includes superior technical support expertise and an After Hours emergency assistance helpline.

In addition, catalogs, spec sheets, and submittals are available in English, French, and Spanish along with several other features to help grow room operators and cultivators.

“We want to make people feel comfortable,” Victoria said.

Know more. Grow more.

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