Every grower knows they need to have a dehumidifier. Very few of them understand why they need to have a better-built grow room dehumidifier specifically designed to increase the quality of their cannabis yield.

Moisture matters, folks.

Without the proper dehumidification equipment, the quality of your crops, yield and, ultimately, your profits will dwindle.

You can’t simply stick a home dehumidifier – or worse, a number of portable units – into your grow house and expect the same results. Those units weren’t designed to dehumidify a large room full of plants. They were meant to dehumidify rooms full of people.

Putting it into Perspective

Human beings, by regulating our body temperature, add roughly ten pounds of water to the air each day. It’s what we do. Likewise, a cannabis plant, on average, adds roughly eight pounds of water to the air each day. It’s what they do.

When you build a home dehumidifier, you build it to keep up with however many people live inside of a house. Factoring in non-human elements like hot showers and dishwashers, the most moisture you’ll ever have to remove from your home in a day is 100 pounds of water. That’s in a really big house filled with five, six, maybe even seven people. Here at Anden, we’ve been building those types of dehumidifiers for the past 15 years. We’re really good at it.

In a commercialized grow house filled with up to 100 plants, each of which dispersing eight pounds of water into the air a day, you’re looking at having to remove up to 800 pounds of water from your facility every day. A home dehumidifier or portable unit can’t handle that type of workload.

Not to mention, and perhaps most importantly, neither home dehumidifiers or portable dehumidifiers are designed to remove moisture from the air at the low, autumn-like temperatures cannabis plants typically require to produce a flower.

Better Built For You

The dehumidifier in your grow house has to be able to run nonstop to consistently maintain a balanced environment. It has to run under thermal conditions that home dehumidifiers simply can’t handle, and it has to be able to handle the workload of a thriving grow house filled with moisture-producing cannabis plants.

With all of these factors in mind, Anden built a better, more efficient grow room dehumidifier designed to help cultivators like you maximize your yield and your profits.

Fueled by 60 years in the HVAC industry, Anden’s expertise in environmental control has saved entire crops by setting up control systems that prevent crop-killing disasters. We’ve also helped increase yields by optimizing grow house conditions and educating our clients with first-class customer service.

Know more. Grow more.

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