When building out your grow room, it’s important to know what your plants and space require.

Here, we focus on climate control and humidity. If you want serious yields and reliable results, you can’t rely on a stand-alone dehumidifier. Like the kind you might find at a hardware store. You need a grow room dehumidifier that’s built for industrial performance with components that keep you ahead of the growing curve.

You need a dehumidifier that’s optimized for growth.

Choosing A Dehumidifier

So what does it mean to be grow-optimized? Just ask one of Anden’s experts.

“We’ve built units from the ground up that were designed to be used in a grow room,” said Randy Lenz, Senior Applications Engineer for Anden.

That means Anden dehumidifiers aren’t just repurposed from something you’d use in your basement. These units are specifically designed to meet the needs of an industrial-size grow room. That includes top-of-the-line components you can depend on.

“[Anden units don’t] just pull moisture at some random temperature and relative humidity, they’re designed to perform in the conditions that are realistic in a growing environment,” said Randy.

“Your dehumidifier in your basement runs for maybe an hour once every two days. Sometimes these industrial units need to run around the clock.”

That around-the-clock demand requires reliable performance. That’s why we build Anden’s largest units with top-end Copeland™ compressors, Modine® coils, and an automatic refrigerant system.

All of these industry-leading components come together to deliver peak industrial climate control, with low-grain performance for efficiency and consistency.

Growing Together

One final aspect that sets apart Anden is the support you receive during installation and operation.

When you call Anden, you talk to a real person about the unique demands of your grow space. We know that the grow room dehumidifier you need depends on several factors. Room size, number of plants, amount of daily watering, and growing temperatures are just a few.

“We look at all of those aspects because every grow is different,” said Randy. “So we focus on dialing in those components to meet your specific needs.”

So as you’re putting together your grow room and deciding what you’ll need for successful yields, keep in mind the idea of “grow-optimized”.

And when you’re ready to take that next step, make Anden a part of your plans.