Applications Engineer Randy Lenz hopped on the S. G. Torrice Talk podcast for a deep dive on the Anden dehumidifier line including insight on the dedicated engineering team behind the brand, a recent lineup addition, and our easy setup and installation.

When founding Anden, Randy and the engineering team did not repurpose residential and commercial dehumidification units. Instead, they created grow room-specific dehumidifiers that cater toward the plant’s needs rather than a human’s.  

The most recent addition is the Anden A710 High-Capacity, Grow-Optimized Dehumidifier with patented VLGR (Variable-speed, Low Grain Refrigerant) technology. VLGR technology helps growers by significantly reducing the amount of defrost cycles to increase capacity, efficiency, and most importantly, the stability of the grow environment.

For HVAC contractors looking to get into the grow room space, Anden’s customer service team is standing by to answer any questions. 

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