Where Can You Grow Marijuana Legally?

When planning to home grow marijuana, there are many factors to consider. Strain variety, optimal growth environment, cultivation. But of course, all of this should be preempted by the legal status of marijuana where you reside, which can vary based on recreational and medical marijuana usage.

Maybe you’re looking to move to a place where home growing is legal. Or your state recently approved marijuana legalization and you want to learn some helpful tips. Either way, it’s helpful to check out these states where growing marijuana is legal.

Marijuana legalization is expanding to different states, though it remains illegal at the federal level. Home grow legality varies by state, and can depend on whether you’re growing for recreational or medicinal use.

Several other states, including Montana, New York, and South Dakota, have passed laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana, but these laws will not be in effect for several years. It’s expected that more states will be changing their laws in the near future and legalize recreational use., a group working to reform marijuana laws, is a great resource for discovering the specifics of each state’s laws. Check them out for a thorough examination of the laws, statutes, and requirements in any given area.

Marijuana Home Grower Cultivation

In each state, the home grower must be 21 or older. Different laws exist for the number of plants and where those plants can be grown. Check local and state laws for full details on the legality of home growing.


Up to 6 plants, 3 plants flowering at a time.

Alaska’s growing laws


Up to 6 plants per person and 12 plants per household.

Arizona’s growing laws


Up to 6 plants at a time. Must not be visible to the public.

California’s growing laws.


Up to 6 plants, 3 plants flowering at a time.

Colorado’s growing laws


Medical marijuana patients can grow up to five plants at home.

Illinois’ growing laws


Up to 3 mature, 12 immature plants, and an unlimited number of seedlings. The plants must not be publicly visible. Indoor and outdoor growth permitted.

Maine’s growing laws


Up to 6 plants per home, and up to 12 plants for 2+ adults. Able to share up to an ounce with other adults.

Massachusetts’ growing laws


Up to 12 plants per house and cannot be publicly visible .

Michigan’s growing laws 


The state recently passed a law to allow recreational growing and is currently accepting licenses.

Montana’s growing laws


Up to 6 plants per resident and 12 plants per household.

Nevada’s growing laws

New Jersey

You can possess cannabis legally, but you must obtain a license to grow.

New Jersey’s growing laws


Up to 4 plants at a time per household.

Oregon’s growing laws


A person may not cultivate more than two mature or four immature plants.

Vermont’s growing laws


Medical marijuana card holders may grow up to 6 plants for personal use.

You must obtain a license to grow marijuana recreationally.

Washington’s growing laws

Washington, D.C.

Up to 3 mature plants, and 6 total plants, at a time.

Washington, D.C.’s growing laws