Product innovations create a lot of excitement here at Anden, and we’ve got something new we’re thrilled to share with growers and cultivators like you.

The Anden A710 is the industry’s first dehumidifier with patented Variable-Speed, Low-Grain Refrigerant (VLGR) Technology, delivering maximum moisture removal for your investment. The A710 is the best investment across all grow conditions compared to any dehumidifier available, removing 710 pints of moisture per day at 80°F/60% RH.

What Is VLGR?

Bottom line, this technology gives you the ability to reach robust VPD performance across all grow conditions. It modulates the speed of dehumidification based on the precise load conditions of your grow environment, which keeps your dehumidifiers running during the challenging late flower stage where single-speed dehumidifiers require frequent defrost cycles. This increases capacity, efficiency, and—most importantly—the stability of your grow environment.

Randy Lenz, Senior Applications Engineer for Anden, explains more about the role of VLGR Technology and how it impacts the “load,” or the amount of moisture removal that’s needed to sustain certain levels of relative humidity.

The load varies dramatically at different stages of cultivation. VLGR Technology allows the refrigeration system within the dehumidifier to modulate its output to match the load needed, which leads to ultra-tight control of the indoor environment.

Built For Grow

We built the Anden A710 dehumidifier for grow from the ground up to give you the power to maintain tight control over VPD in all grow conditions–especially during the crucial late flowering stage when other dehumidifiers can ice up. This unlocks the ability to control terpene production, color profiles, and THC levels to directly influence the profitability of your operation.

A710 Benefits

As mentioned above, the Anden A710 is the only dehumidifier on the market with VLGR Technology. As Lenz explains, that delivers a few distinct advantages over other units:

The variable speed, VLGR technology within the A710 allows it to maximize moisture removal per amp of power, and deliver very strong VPD performance at late flower conditions.

1. High energy efficiency from reduced power consumption during the low humidity, late flowering stage

2. Maximum Vapor Pressure Deficit across all grow conditions

3. Greatest water removal for your investment as VLGR Technology allows the unit to safely operate on a 30-amp breaker

When you’re ready to take the next step in environmental control for your grow, check out the Anden A710 Grow-Optimized Dehumidifier with VLGR Technology.

Find it at suppliers near you, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts with any questions at 1-800-972-3710.