Where Can You Grow Legal Marijuana?

When planning to grow your own marijuana, there are many factors to consider. Strain variety, optimal growth environment, cultivation. But of course, all of this should be preempted by the legal status of marijuana where you reside, which can vary based on recreational and medical marijuana usage.

Maybe you’re looking to move to a place where growing is legal. Or your state recently approved marijuana legalization and you want to learn some helpful tips. Either way, it’s helpful to check out these states and countries where growing marijuana is allowed.

*Note: Growth laws are different and often much more restrictive than possession and use laws.

United States

Marijuana legalization is expanding to different states, though it remains illegal at the federal level. Growth legality varies by state, and can depend on whether you’re growing for recreational or medicinal use., a group working to reform marijuana laws, is a great resource for discovering the specifics of each state’s laws. Check them out for a thorough examination of the laws, statutes, and requirements in any given area.


Recreational Marijuana Legalization

In each state, the grower must be 21 or older. Different laws exist for the number of plants and where those plants can be grown. Check local laws for full details on the legality of growing.


Up to 6 plants, 3 plants flowering at a time.


Up to 6 plants at a time. Must not be visible to the public.


Up to 6 plants, 3 plants flowering at a time. Able to share up to an ounce with other adults.


Up to 12 plants, 6 plants flowering at a time. Indoor and outdoor growth permitted.


Up to 12 plants, 6 flowering plants at home. Able to share up to an ounce with other adults.


Up to 12 plants, 6 flowering at a time.


Up to 4 plants at a time. Must live and grow 1,000 feet or more from schools.

Washington D.C.

Up to 6 plants, 3 plants flowering at a time.


Medical Marijuana Legalization

Medicinal growth laws usually have exceptions, which can include your distance from a dispensary, what prescription you have, and how much you’re growing. Here’s a quick look at which states allow medical marijuana growth:

Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.    


Looking for greener pastures? Check out these countries where recreational and/or medical marijuana growth has been fully or partially legalized.


You must register to grow your own weed. Recent law changes may affect this.


Allowed mainly for medicinal growing purposes.


Up to 5 plants allowed for residents and Rastafarians for sacramental purposes.


Medical marijuana usage and growth are becoming more widely accepted.

North Korea

This is only rumored, as it’s tough to get a clean picture on the country’s laws. Especially when it comes to marijuana.

Source:  Information for this post was gathered from NORML and the World Economic Forum website. Visit these resources for full information on marijuana legalization.