RO Water Treatment System

Systems available from 3,000 to 19,000 gallons per day, designed and built for cultivation



Anden RO Water Treatment

The industrial-grade design removes over 98% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from any water supply, delivering pure water for a range of indoor agriculture applications. Maintenance is the key to consistent performance, and this unit makes it easy with front-facing access for replacing the RO membrane and a simple rail system for sliding the membranes on and off. The innovative Vapor-logic® Controller gives you the total picture for your water treatment system, with constant monitoring and an alarm system so you can quickly take corrective actions if necessary. With a complete line of pre-treatment options, you can balance and optimize the water supply for the benefit of your plants and the longevity of your RO membranes.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Pristine water that adapts to a range of indoor agriculture applications. Filter 3,000 to 19,000 gallons per day to deliver pure, filtered water to your plants. The reverse osmosis filtering process removes over 98% of total dissolved solids so you can rely on a consistent water supply and confidently optimize your cultivation process.


Complete Water Treatment

Water purity is critical to the health of your plants. Achieve quality and reliability for your indoor agriculture operation through every step of the process. Pre-treatment systems are customized to the chemistry of your water, real-time monitoring puts you in control, and simple maintenance keeps systems running efficiently.


Effortless Maintenance

Anden RO Water Treatment Systems can operate for years with just simple filter changes. This not only significantly reduces maintenance for connected equipment but also offers the industry first exclusive front only maintenance feature for easy system access. Replace membranes effortlessly by sliding the racks, eliminating the need to navigate tight spaces or work around other equipment.





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