5 Job Opportunities in the Legal Cannabis Industry

It’s not unusual to see another state with marijuana legalization, or to hear about a new round of fundraising for a cannabis startup. It’s time to consider a career in cannabis as a realistic, long-term job option.

According to Forbes, the cannabis industry is expected to take in $35 billion in retail sales by 2022. That’s a big number. And it means there will be loads of great job opportunities opening up for those who want to be a part of shaping and growing the cannabis industry both for recreational marijuana and medical marijuana

Here are some jobs that are in demand now, and will continue to rise in importance as the legalization wave rolls along.

Grow Master for Recreational and Medical Marijuana

This one takes lots of experience (and special licenses), which can be tough if you’re just starting out. But if you reach the top of the grow game and can cultivate high-demand strains with staying power, you can make an enviable salary and enjoy celebrity status as a respected grower. The medical marijuana industry is expected to continue its growth, and cultivation licenses and knowledgeable growers will be in high demand.

Lifestyle Marketer

As marijuana legalization expands and more people adopt the culture, it’s increasingly difficult to make the experience your own. But that’s where cannabis lifestyle companies come in. Businesses like Van der Pop, which specializes in cannabis accessories for women, are expanding rapidly. As a marketer, your duties could include hosting parties and events, discovering new customer bases, and working with spokespeople who represent the mission of the brand.

Sales Representative

Marijuana knowledge is important for all of these jobs, but it’s especially crucial for a sales rep. In this role, you visit shops and dispensaries to create business relationships between them and growers. You need to be aware of all the product lines, the regulations in your area, and the latest consumer trends. This position is often commission-based, so you have the potential to make a lot of money.

Store Manager

Sounds more exciting than managing a fast food place, right? Store managers are essential to the day-to-day operation of stores and shops. You’re responsible for managing employees and engaging with customers when called upon. You should have great people skills, and know how to handle yourself when customers (or employees) have partaken in the products you’re selling.

Inspector or Compliance Officer

You may have noticed subtle, but important differences in the marijuana laws that states have passed. Requirements vary for the size of the grow, the specific growing practices, the composition of edibles, and countless other factors. And states want to make sure their laws are being respected. As an inspector, you’re a consumer advocate for recreational users and medical marijuana users. You visit growth operations and work directly with producers to ensure they’re following the laws of the land and creating an end product that’s safe and enjoyable for consumers.


Disclaimer: Check with local laws and regulations to see if a career in cannabis is possible in your area. Any job in the legal weed industry requires close adherence to the law, and it’s important to keep that in mind when considering the field.