Anden-Model-5813-Replacement-Air Filter-Dehumidifier
Anden-Replacement Filter-Dehumidifier-A320V1-A320V3-Replacement Part
Anden-Model-5813-Dehumidifier-Air Filter-Replacement
Anden-Model-5813-Replacement Air Filter-Dehumidifier-Merv 11

For Anden A320V1 and A320V3 Dehumidifiers

Anden 5813 Filter

Anden dehumidifiers are designed for maximum growth. The 5813 Multi-Pleat MERV 11 filter is designed to maintain the efficiency and performance of your Anden dehumidifier and maintain the quality of air by removing a higher percentage of particles and contaminants. This replacement filter is easy to install, with no assembly or reinforcements to worry about. Protect your equipment for optimal performance.

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Anden Features:

  • INCLUDES: Replacement filters are packaged 6 per case for Anden Dehumidifier Model: A320V1 & A320V3
  • DIMENSIONS: 20” x 22” x 2”
  • MERV 11 Filter for Superior Equipment Protection
  • High holding capacity
  • Anden Dehumidifiers are designed with easy access for simple filter changes