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The right environment makes all the difference for getting the most out of your cannabis crop.

“Unstable environments can stress the plants, which can result in a reduction in yield,” said Randy Lenz, Technical Sales Manager at Anden.

The key here is stability. Once you determine the right environment for your plants, you need to keep it consistent day in and day out. This can be difficult without the right equipment.

Anden Precision Controls

Whether you’re growing in a greenhouse or warehouse, you’re dealing with three primary factors: Temperature, Humidity, and Air Circulation.

Each category will need to be addressed based on your specific plants and growth environment, and you need to build a space with redundancies that can handle drastic changes or unexpected conditions.

“We recommend using independent, dedicated dehumidification versus an all-in-one HVAC system,” said Lenz. “And using multiple dehumidifiers to control micro-climates in a room.”

While having multiple units for temperature, humidity, and air circulation is best for the plants, the complex setup can become difficult to manage. A precision control unit from Anden can make the process simpler to understand and easier to handle.

#1 – Anden 8840 Color Display Touchscreen Control

Our most advanced monitoring system, designed for the most demanding, grow-focused environments. (Universal 3Heat/3Cool Settings, or 4H/2C)

Advanced Display

The 7” full color display offers a range of benefits: constant monitoring of temperature and humidity, easy adjustments, notifications when systems are active, and filter replacement reminders.

Optimized for Growth

The power to dial in the exact temperature and humidity levels you want, along with the peace of mind in knowing those levels are maintained throughout the growth cycle.

Smart Device Compatibility

Monitor and adjust conditions from anywhere using the app for iOS and Android with your connected mobile device. Plus, this control panel fully integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you complete control using nothing but your voice.

#2 – Anden 8830 Touchscreen Thermostat

Dial in the optimal temperature and humidity levels to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment. (Universal 3Heat/3Cool Settings, or 4H/2C)

3-in-1 Control

At your fingertips, you have precise control over: Humidity, Temperature Monitoring, and Ventilation Control so you can achieve ideal conditions for maximum growth.

Permanent Device Memory

Even during a power outage, your settings are safe. This control unit remembers your environmental settings, the time, and the date so you’ll be back up and running when the power comes back on.

Intuitive and Dependable

This is one smart control unit. The intuitive touchscreen display makes adjustments simple, and it provides notifications when systems are active, along with reminders for filter replacements.

#3 – Anden 8820 Touchscreen Thermostat

Monitor and adjust the most crucial aspects of the indoor growth environment with all-in-one, touchscreen control. (Universal 2Heat/2Cool Settings, or 4H/2C)

Easy Display

The 4.5″ touchscreen makes it simple to monitor and adjust indoor conditions, with

large font size for accuracy and a backlit display for easy viewing, even in sunlight.

Energy Savings

Accurate monitoring and precise controls can save you money on energy costs by activating your humidification systems only when they’re needed. The control panel is fully programmable so you can easily set levels and control when the units are operating.

Plant-Level Sensors

You have the option to use additional remote sensors with your control panel. These sensors sample air conditions at plant level and from multiple locations, giving you a more accurate picture of the temperature and humidity that surrounds your plants.

#4 –  Anden A77 Dehumidifier Control

This wall-mounted unit lets you dial in relative humidity levels to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment with constant monitoring and easy adjustments.

Hardwired Controls

This wall-mounted unit is hardwired to your Anden dehumidifier, giving you accurate readings and easy control without needing to directly access your dehumidifier.

Digital Display

The relative humidity level is displayed in bold on the digital screen for easy readings and quick adjustments.

Energy Savings

Accurate monitoring and precise controls can save you money on energy costs by activating your humidification systems only when they’re needed. The control includes an on/off switch and up/down buttons.