Industrial Dehumidifier

No matter the size, every successful grow operation requires professional humidity control. The Anden Model A95 removes 95 pints per day of moisture from the air, helping control humidity in smaller grow spaces. In addition to high-capacity, the A95 features integration with smart controls and a five-year warranty. Don’t trust your harvest to inferior retail units. Anden is the professional’s choice for true humidity control.


The Model A95 can also be programmed to circulate air within a grow facility. Proper air flow carries moisture away from the plants, helping to prevent fungus, disease and plant pests from damaging the crop. Circulating the air also maximizes the application of CO2 in the grow facility.



Dedicated monitoring and control of each dehumidifier at canopy height.



MODEL 8840

Easy-to-use color touch screen with all control options on the home screen.

MODEL 8830

Easy-to-use touch screen with all control options on the home screen.

MODEL 8820

Easy-to-use touch screen designed for temperature and humidity control.

MODEL 8082 Sensor

Monitor temperature and humidity in multiple locations. Readings averaged to balance temperature and humidity.