Anden-Steam Humidifier-800
Anden-Model-AS35FP-Steam Humidifier
Anden-Model-865-Steam Humidifier
Anden-AS35FP-Model-Steam Humidifier
Anden 5558 Humidistat
Anden-Sensors-Thermostat-Relative Humidity
Anden-Model-865-Steam Humidifier

Steam Humidification designed for cultivation



Anden AS35FP Steam Humidifier is a grow room solution that helps you achieve ideal conditions through humidity control. Fogger, mister, steam humidifier. Whatever you call it - this ductless solution is ideal for cultivation.

  • High Capacity - 11.5 and 34.6 gallons per day of moisture to the air
  • Illuminates service light when canister needs to be replaced. The steam canister may build up with minerals and change color but the steam humidifier produces clean sterile steam that won’t leave a mineral residue on your plants
  • Designed for easy install, and are fed automatically by a simple connection to a cold water supply.  No need to ever fill the tank! 
  • Includes a fan pack -  designed for stand alone applications

19.49″ W x 19.36″ H x 30.07″ D

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