Anden 5558 Humidistat

Digital Control

Anden Humidistat

This wall-mounted Anden humidistat boasts a microcomputer design and offers a large LED digital display with a back-light and the ability to lock in your preferred relative humidity set-point from 0 - 100% RH. 

  • Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.
  • Outputs controlling humidification and dehumidification equipment by means of on/off or proportional output signals for greater flexibility.
  • Modulating Output Signal provides a 0-10Vdc or 2-10Vdc proportional control signal to the humidifier.
  • Humidity set-point reset function based on outdoor temperature which helps prevent condensation in colder climates.
  • Humidifier On-Off signal 24Vac dry contact capable of handling up to 1 amp.
  • Proportional High Limit Override to prevent over-humidification within the duct and costly water damage.
  • Multi-level lockable access menu and lockable set point to prevent accidental changes.