Anden-Sensors-Thermostat-Relative Humidity

Touchscreen Thermostat

Anden 8820 Thermostat

All-in-One Control

Monitor and adjust the most crucial aspects of the indoor growth environment with all-in-one, touchscreen control. You can dial in the optimal temperature and humidity levels to create a healthy environment. The 4.5” display offers a range of benefits: constant monitoring of temperature and humidity, easy adjustments, notifications when systems are active, and filter replacement reminders. Plus, there’s an app for iOS and Android to keep you in control on the go. It provides full access to controls using your mobile device, so you can monitor and adjust conditions anytime, anywhere.

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Anden advanced features:


  • All-in-One Control – Real-time updates on temperature and humidity, plus notifications when systems are active
  • Humidity Control – Optimize the performance of your Anden humidity controls
  • Temperature Monitoring – Reach your preferred temperature range for maximum growth
  • Ventilation Control – Control the flow of fresh air for ideal growth conditions
  • 4.5″ Touchscreen – The touchscreen display makes it simple to monitor and adjust indoor conditions
  • Large Font Size – The most important information is displayed front and center for easy monitoring
  • Backlit Display – Easy to read, even in sunlight and includes a constant low-intensity light option
  • Screen Lockout – Prevent inadvertent or unauthorized adjustments
  • Permanent Memory – Settings, time, and date are maintained during a power outage
  • Built to Last – Dependability is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on this product–so you can grow with confidence

Environmental Conditions
As a cultivator, you know how important it is to have an accurate reading of the environmental conditions in your grow space. This control panel gives you the power to dial in the exact temperature and humidity levels you want, along with the peace of mind in knowing those levels are maintained throughout the growth cycle.

Energy Savings
Accurate monitoring and precise controls can save you money on energy costs by activating your humidification systems only when they’re needed. The control panel is fully programmable so you can easily set levels and control when the units are operating.

Smart Device Compatibility
Monitor and adjust conditions from anywhere using the app for iOS and Android with your connected mobile device. Plus, this control panel fully integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you complete control using nothing but your voice.

Plant-Level Sensors
You have the option to use additional remote sensors with your control panel. These sensors sample air conditions at plant level and from multiple locations, giving you a more accurate picture of the temperature and humidity that surrounds your plants.